Plunkett PR Account Manager Alan Keane has been given licence to write a Christmas themed blog, so prepare to be snowed pun-der…

The blogpost of Christmas present:

There’s a temptation to halt snowmentum in December when it comes to proactive public relations. Everyone is distracted by the juggernaut-y (or juggernice) nature of Christmas, and there’s a prevailing attitude that if there is no point in trying to cut through all the white noise, then you might as well go into hibernation until the New Year.

Snow contraire. Depending on the sectors your clients are in, there are plenty of opportunities still available. Many media outlets will be looking for content to fill the void between Christmas and New Year, meaning that if you gift it to them, nicely wrapped, there’s a good chance they won’t return it. Long lead publications are already planning for spring too, meaning future client endeavors need to be flagged now.

With target audiences buried under an avalanche of commercial messaging, we don’t recommend going public with major campaigns this side of Christmas. Unless they’re Christmas related of course. Tis the season and all that. Nevertheless December is the perfect time to take stock(ing) of the year gone by and strategize for 2019. In fact, resting on your laurels over the festive period will wreath havoc on the first quarter of next year, as you’ll be snow out of the blocks come January.

While clients might have cold feet about risking a launch in December, there’s no time like the presents to sit down with them and tease out just what it is that they’re looking to achieve publicity-wise next year. In fact, December is the perfect moment to re-calibrate and strengthen relationships with your clients, as it’s possibly the only period where you don’t have the tunnel vision of project preparation or execution to contend with.

Take your client out for coffee or lunch, bring a notebook and a pen, and together come up with five ambitious but achievable goals for 2019.  Dedicate next year to crossing them off your list, so there’s no regret when you’re visited by the Ghost of Christmas past.

Now go out there and sleigh.